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Terminator not drawn correctly

Ther terminator, the boundary between day and night, is not drawn correctly. The terminator changes during the year. In this app it's a static image that moves across the map. (And the obvious joke that it's right twice a year doesnt work either: the terminator in the app will never happen.) Also, there's no way to enter a city or select from a list. You just have to hunt and peck with very little ability to zoom. Potential is there, but right now it's just not very useful.

Need more cities to be included

Still a good number of key cities are missing like Houston, Colorado, Manila, Warsaw, etc. As it does not allow you to zoom, you tap the map on a trial and error to hopefully hit the cities you want...if there is a zoom feature or ability to show the cities in the map, it would be great. This app does not help provide me anything other than act like a screensaver. I have the PC desktop version of Qlock which allow me to look at various time across the world...this one does nothing of sort.

Great app!

The last upgrade was great! Congratulations! Now you just need to show the country name to make it perfect. :)

Holds promise, but needs some more work. Looking forward to the next version.

The position of the terminator is too far west. It is just sunset now as I write this in SC, by the terminator is at California. Double-tap zoom kinda works, but pinch gestures do not. I can't zoom in far enough to accurately touch the spot I want to see the time for.

where is the daylight?

It's 4 in the afternoon on the west coast yet it is almost dark in Hawaii?

Very cool

Elegant design on this unique world clock - just scroll the earth and wherever your finger comes down, up pops the name of the (major) city and the local time. Great idea and very well implemented!

It is not compatible with firmware 2.2!!!!!!

Enough said.....

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